For over 6 decades, we have worked tirelessly to break down barriers that are preventing mental health from being at the forefront of conversations. 

And we’re proud of the impact we’ve made on the lives of thousands of young people, teachers, parents, and local communities.

Our children’s mental health awareness program—Learning2LiveTM—has helped thousands of students to tackle mental health issues and create a powerful voice to make it a priority in schools, homes, and communities.
“Thank you for listening to me and providing me with ways to deal with my issue. I was giving up hope before this session.”
“I know many kids my age who were depressed and tried to kill themselves. I now know the signs to look for and what to do to help.”
Our bullying prevention program—2tough2bullyTM— has helped both victims and those displaying bullying behaviors.
“I just realized that what I was doing and thought was funny, really is not.”
We’ve made a measurable impact on educators all over Chicago by helping them to proactively address mental health concerns in the classroom.
“MHAGC provides a relevant curriculum that increases awareness of many mental health topics that affect adolescents… Teenagers become able to recognize and empathetically respond to mental health challenges that they themselves may face, or that they recognize in their friends or family… This program helps to break down the stigma attached to mental illness and fosters proactive ways to effectively address mental health concerns.”
“In the recent months my students have grown both individually and collectively as a school community… More awareness about mental health will prevent disasters happening within our schools…it is part of producing productive adults for our society. It is our duty to prevent, and as teachers, to at least give students information about mental health disorders. This program was a great facilitator for that.”
And our impact has extended beyond the school system to equip a much larger community with mental health awareness.
“The MHAGC mental health education program has been and continues to be a very value added program to our JROTC program curriculum. Health education is a requirement for all freshmen integrated within either physical education or JROTC. L2L is cost effective and leverages the latest information and mental health trends that affect our population.”