Getting access to the right support is the first step towards recovery.

The MHAGC Ask The Professional 1st Response service offers the initial guidance required by you or your loved one to tackle mental health disorders before it’s too late.

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Ask The Professional 1st Response

Ask The Professional (ATP) 1st Response is a remote initial response service for anyone who needs professional mental health support either for themselves or someone dear to them.

Dealing with life’s many challenges could be overwhelming and confusing without access to the right support and resources. And if you have a loved one struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, you could feel equally helpless when you are unable to help them with the necessary knowledge and skills.

With MHAGC’s Ask The Professional 1st Response service, we provide much-needed initial assistance in a completely confidential environment. It’s an over-the-phone service where you can gain access to professional support for advice and guidance to help you effectively deal with your concerns.

Who is this mental health initial response service for?

Anyone undergoing emotionally challenging circumstances, whether it’s abuse, bullying, or anxiety, and unaware of whom to talk to or how to get the necessary support can benefit from MHAGC’s ATP 1st Response program.

It’s also a great place to start for those who wish to help someone else going through a difficult time. It can especially be an excellent service for:

  • Parents and caregivers who are concerned about a child or young person.

  • Education professionals looking for advice (including teachers, social workers, and guidance counselors).

  • Veterans and their families.

How can you benefit from Ask The Professional 1st Response service?

Ask The Professional 1st Response is a unique initial response service offered to guide you through the necessary knowledge and resources so you can take effective action to deal with a mental health disorder.

It includes:

  • An opportunity to talk to a mental health professional in a completely anonymous, safe, and compassionate environment when you or a loved one is in great distress.

  • Assistance in identifying the nature and seriousness of your concerns.

  • Information and support to help gain clarity in thoughts.

  • Guidance in examining various resources and support options available, including referral to mental health service providers where necessary.

  • Advice and guidance to identify the next steps required to effectively deal with your concerns.

How does it work?

When you or a loved one is faced with an emotionally strenuous situation, getting professional treatment might not always be your first choice. You may instead wish to speak to someone familiar with tackling such events for guidance and support. This is what MHAGC’s Ask the Professional 1st Response service is designed to offer. It’s an over-the-phone service that provides you the opportunity to speak to a professional. It will help you gain better clarity about how best to deal with your concerns and what resources and professional support to seek.

Absolute Confidentiality

You can maintain absolute anonymity without providing your name or any other personal details. Only call information with the incoming call number is stored, which will not be shared with any third parties. When referring to a third-party professional service, no information about the caller is passed on by MHAGC. Instead, contact details of the professional service provider are given to the caller to initiate contact on their own. However, if you choose to share information about an individual who may hurt themselves or others, it will be passed on to the appropriate agencies, and details of any criminal offense committed will be shared with necessary authorities.

Free one-hour professional support

The ATP 1st Response service includes a one-hour call with a professional to discuss concerns. After that, the caller will be referred to a professional service provider for further assistance and support where needed or if requested by the caller.

Pick up the phone today!

We understand how difficult it is to take those first few steps to get the right support you need. That’s why our Ask The Professional 1st Response service is designed to guide you with this process with completely anonymous professional assistance over the phone.

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