Every year, mental health issues rob thousands of students from an equal learning opportunity.

Find out how our Teaching With a Heart™ program educates and empowers teachers to make a positive change in their students' lives.

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Teacher Education

Teaching With a Heart™ equips teachers with the right knowledge and skill sets to create an optimum learning environment for every student to thrive in the classroom.

More than 87% of Chicago Public School students come from low-income families, and over 21% of them suffer from some form of mental illness. Empowering teachers with the right tools is essential to create opportunities for all these children to overcome their challenges and gain access to quality education.

The Teaching With a Heart™ teacher education program uses tested, research-backed, brain-based strategies and is designed to be customizable to meet the unique needs of schools in Chicago.

Who is Teaching With a Heart™ for?

The significance of teacher education cannot be overlooked when it comes to adopting a holistic approach to tackling mental health among students. Educating and empowering teachers is essential to ensure that they effectively support and create equal learning opportunities for young people in the classroom.

Therefore, our teacher education program is designed for educators at all levels within the school system to help achieve this.

How can you benefit from this teacher education program?

The Teaching With a Heart™ program is designed to help you create a positive change in your students' lives with a series of actionable and result-driven tools.

At the completion of our teacher education program, you will be able to:

  • Take effective action to help reduce suicide and suicide attempts among young people.

  • Expand your repertoire of teaching strategies.

  • Improve communication and success in the classroom.

  • Acquire the necessary tools to create a caring and nurturing learning environment for students.

  • Understand and use various learning theories.

  • Improve student performance and test scores.

  • Effectively integrate technology so that students are provided with the skills needed for the 21st-century job market.

  • Educate and empower students to self-advocate.

What does it cover?

Teaching With a Heart™ covers a range of important areas to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and practical tools to create a positive learning environment in the classroom.

These will equip you to develop your leadership skills and build confidence so you can help your students overcome mental health issues and learning challenges.

The topics covered include:

  • Learning styles and their implications for the classroom and the teacher

  • Integrating technology in the classroom

  • Teacher leadership

  • Classroom management

  • Research-based learning strategies

  • Memory retention, learning, and emotions

  • Integrating arts into the classroom

Program design

This teacher education program is designed based on research-backed brain-based learning techniques and is fully customizable to effectively meet the unique needs of teachers in your school.

It combines instructional strategies, structured activities, group discussions, self-assessments, and skill practices with exercise materials, videos, and other teaching tools.

The Teaching With a Heart™ program consists of 5 customizable training modules, each with a series of one-hour sessions:

  1. Brain-Based Learning: 6-10 one-hour sessions

  2. Integrating Arts and Technology: 2-4 one-hour sessions, one-hour lab

  3. Research-Based Strategies: 2-4 one-hour sessions

  4. Teacher Leadership: 2-5 one-hour sessions

  5. Classroom Management: 4-8 one-hour sessions

Let’s create a positive learning environment for every student!

If you are an educator in the school system, we can equip you with the right tools and techniques to create an optimum learning environment for every student in the classroom..

Find out how Teaching With a Heart™ can help you.

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